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The word's out!

Hear from youth who have been there, done that and have the stories to prove it. Teachers/organizers and parents/guardians share their experiences here too.

Youth Participants

"This exchange has been a great opportunity to meet new people and learn about other places in the country. It has given lasting friendships and been very enjoyable."

"Meeting new people was really great because you get to see how your differences can actually bring you together.  Trying new things was also an amazing part of this exchange because it made it an incredible learning experience and gave me many stories to tell!  Seeing different places in their town as well as our own.  It was interesting because we learned a lot about the history of where we live."

"I learned a lot more in one week of activities at Forum than I have in 3 years of Social Studies. Also I gained the friendships of many students from across Canada, which is very valuable to me!"

"I was able to learn so much about the different people that make up our country. Most of my learning came from the participants... The main reason I believe this program is so important is because it has given us a sense of unity. We have all been able to work together despite our differences and have learned the importance of diversity in our country."


"[This experience] opened his eyes to the multicultural side of Canada.  He feels connected to the other side of Canada."

"My daughter was so enthusiastic to come across a different home situation, different culture and a new language. I am proud of the way she embraced the opportunity to meet new people, participate in social activities and learn about Montreal."

"My son's participation in the exchange allowed him to see another aspect of education - not always in the classroom... My son has much greater interest in culture and in Canada."

"The forum has been a life-altering experience for my child. She has said that it was one of the best experiences of her life, and she is so glad she was given the opportunity to attend. She came home a ‘different person' - full of confidence; very happy and it was as though she had completed her first step towards independence."


"I feel these young students have learned how to work together on projects.  They have gained pride in their culture by studying it and sharing it with others.  They have learned to appreciate differences in culture. "

"We the teachers both from Manitoba and Quebec benefited from the program's ability to unite two distinct groups and make them understand each other's differences while realizing we are all part of the same nation. It gives me a true sense of pride to be Canadian..."

"The youth deepened their commitment to Canada, and I believe they strongly felt the importance of being involved in their community."